traditional taekwondo:

To be a more confident, disciplined you.

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There are many martial arts schools, clubs and organizations out there to choose from, however very few truly follow the traditional lineage of the martial arts as does Generation Alpha TKD. We are an organization that follows the traditions of Taekwondo that have been passed down from instructor to student since 1944. We are one of the only schools where the founding Grand Master remains active in the organization and provides continual teaching and instruction ensuring that we follow the true spirit of the martial arts. Generation Alpha TKD is a school where you can enhance your physical fitness, build mental strength, gain better focus and boost your confidence while all being a part of a legacy of Taekwondo for generations to come. – L. Williams

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Do I need a uniform?

No uniform is required for the first session (~6 weeks) of the class. Loose fitting exercise clothes is sufficient for this first session. Students are required to purchase a uniform after the first session.

How should I dress for my first class?

First time students should wear loose fitting exercise clothes. The clothes should allow for unrestricted movement to help with stretching and kicking.

How long is class?

Class is 2-hrs.

What ages are accepted in class?

Ages are 7+

Is this class only for kids or can adults attend?

This class is for anyone 7yrs and up. Kids actually perform better in class when their parents are involved as it gives them a partner to practice with outside of the class.

Is this MMA?

No, this is a traditional Taekwondo class which focuses on self defense, building confidence and improving self discipline.

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